YouthLACIGF is an initiative created from the growing Latin American youth community participating in events like the LACIGF (Regional Preparatory Meeting for the Internet Governance Forum) and other regional and international forums of Internet governance. It's well known that in recent times young people have begun to take a more active role in Internet governance, raising their voice in various forums and processes, making the message they bring heard by more and more members of the community.
This year's event will take place remotely and we are organizing an Open Course, which will be conducted in English, to prepare young persons in the LAC region to learn on Internet Governance matters.

Youth LACIGF Open Course weekly modules:
1. Introduction to IG and it's ecosystem
2. History and values of the Internet
3. Legal aspects of IG (Regulation and Human Rights)
4. Online education, inclusion and access to the internet.
5. Misinformation and problems with social media
6. Online democracies after the pandemic
7. Privacy, cybersecurity and COVID 19: LAC particularities
8. Youth relevance on the Internet